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Hello! If you are currently reading this, you must have stumbled upon the Fruits Basket matchmaker community. Our purpose here is to match you up with who we (your friendly mod and fellow members) think is your ideal Fruits Basket guy or girl. Perhaps you are well suited for the flamboyant Ayame, or maybe the shy, timid Kisa is more catered to your tastes. Let us find out, shall we?


1. Please put all applications behind an LJ-cut.
2. Be as detailed as possible when filling out your application. Having more information makes it easier for members to vote.
3. When posting your application, please tag the entry as "unstamped."
4. You do not need to be stamped yourself to vote on other members' applications.
5. Make sure you bold your votes.
6. Applications will be stamped by one of your friendly mod after five votes, unless there is a tie.
7. Please upload stamps to your own server. Hotlinking makes the already angsty Fruits Basket cast even sadder.
8. Respect all members.
9. The point of this community is to have fun. Don't take it seriously.
10. No whining when you aren't matched with your favorite character. Immature fangirlishness is not wanted here.
11. To show that you have read the rules and understand them, put the phrase "a mystery..." in the subject line of your application. Because we all love White Haru for being a dazed lump in the corner.



The stamps can be found here.

Stamped Members

A list of stamped members can be found here.


If you would like to affiliate with furuba_match, please contact Kathleen. Or if you are a member, you can simply ask in an entry. (If you do this, be sure to put "affiliate application" in the subject line.) Fruits Basket communities, rating communities, and matchmaker communities are preferred.